Policies and Terms


CHECK-IN: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. NO EARLY CHECK-INS. Due to Covid-19 cleaning standards and our scheduling.  If you do arrive early, visit with a local bakery or brewery while awaiting check-in time. If you plan on arriving after 6:00 pm, let us know.


Please print out your confirmation and bring it with you so you can find your room/cottage if nobody is available to assist you upon check-in. Phone 530-283-3000 when you arrive to check in. If you arrive late, let us know when we can expect you.  

CHECK-OUT: is 10:00 a.m. NO LATE CHECK-OUT. Due to Covid-19 cleaning standards and our scheduling. 

If you desire an early check-in or check-out, you must first request it in advance. An extra charge of $20 per hour may be incurred, charged in increments of one hour.

OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Please refrain from phoning before 8:00 am and after 9:00 pm unless it is urgent.


We are a member of American Hotel & Lodging Association and are currently working toward following the enhanced hotel wide cleaning standards in response to Covid-19.


If you have NOT been vaccinated, you must wear a mask when interacting with the host. We have disposable masks if needed. 


If you have recently been exposed to a positive Covid-19 individual and have tested positive yourself, please inform us immediately. If you cancel your reservation shy of 10 days prior to arrival, we will need a doctor's note saying you have tested positive in order to receive a refund.

We thoroughly disinfect all high-contact surfaces in each of our rooms/cottages between guests. 

Reservations made online will charge your card at the time the reservation was made. Your reservation confirmation will be emailed to you and will provide you with the information needed to check-in and explain where your room/cottage is located.

SAME DAY RESERVATIONS MUST BE PHONED IN: Please phone if you are looking to book the same day. If you book online, without receiving a detailed confirmation from us, your reservation may not be honored.

BOOKING BEYOND THE CURRENT YEAR: When booking beyond the current year, you may incur an extra charge to reflect the true cost of a night's stay that reflect the current pricing for that year. Online booking does not reflect the high season rates for the following year. When your reservation is made we will inform you of these details.

STATE AND FED RATE WORKERS: TWO NIGHT MINIMUM, single occupancy qualifies you for the State and Fed rate in one of our rooms. Must be an employee of the government and have a government email address. Must phone to make your reservation. If you reserve online you do not receive a discount. Standard rates apply should you choose to bring a guest, or stay one night only. If you cancel shy of 10 days notice, you will be charged for at least one night's stay, depending upon the number of days and rooms tied up in your reservation. Refunds are at the discretion of management. Phone as soon as you know you need to depart and we will negotiate your remaining reservation.

RECREATE RESPONSIBLY: Pack it in, pack it out. Respect the land, people, place and culture. Social distance. Wear a mask. https://www.recreateresponsibly.org/home


We will cancel your reservation if you have symptoms of Covid-19, have recently been exposed to someone who has Covid-19 or have tested positive yourself. Please don't abuse this policy just because you changed your mind. And don't assume we know your event has been cancelled, you need to inform us of your cancellation. We will charge you if you fail to show and have not cancelled your reservation. 


Short-notice cancellations can be very costly to a small inn such as ours, which results in higher rates for all our guests. Please use care in making your plans, and honor your reservation as we honor your reservation. We realize plans change and emergencies arise, but please understand we cannot be financially responsible for guests' plans that may change. The following cancellation policies must be strictly enforced:


We require a 10 day cancellation notice. If we are able to rebook your reservation, then you will receive a full refund, minus merchant processing fees. 

A 30 day cancellation notice is required for The Fair, Joshua Fest, Mountains to Meadows, Holidays, Commencement, Rodeo, and other special events in and near town. As a small Inn we expect the same commitment from our guests to their reservation that we provide to our guests. 


Reservations are accepted with the understanding the guest will be financially responsible for the entire reservation. We understand that unforeseen issues can arise, but we cannot be responsible for illness, family emergencies, work conflicts or inclement weather.  We recommend purchasing  travel insurance, available at a nominal cost from any travel agency or online at insuremytrip.com.  These companies are independent and not affiliated with Quincy Feather Bed Inn in any way. 

Shortening your stay is a cancelation. No refunds will be provided for early departure. Cancellation must be in writing by mail, or email to info@quincyfeatherbed.com with receipt confirmed in writing by Quincy Feather Bed Inn. 


The High Sierra Music Festival requires a 60 day cancellation and must be done via email or in writing.


WEDDINGS/GROUP BOOKINGS: As of 05/16/21 our policy for weddings and group bookings have changed.

Full deposit payment will be required for group bookings (2 rooms or more), either as one, or individually. Cancellations made outside of 60 days will receive a refund, minus 15% of total. Cancellations made inside of 60 days will forfeit their deposit entirely. We will open up the reservation to allow rebooking. If we can rebook your dates, your money will be refunded in full for the days we are able to rebook, minus credit card merchant fees, which are non-refundable.


We reserve the right to cancel your reservation, and do so only when absolutely necessary. 

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are non-transferable. You may not substitute another person for a room in which you have reserved for yourself or a third party, unless it is negotiated with management. Third party reservations require name and contact information of each guest. It is your responsibility to provide the third party guest(s) with the terms and policies, and reservation confirmation. If you, or the person you have reserved the room for cancels, or damages property, it remains your financial responsibility. 

Occasionally we need to swap rooms to accommodate our schedule. when we are in an official State of Emergency we often find our schedule needing to adjust ton the incoming and outgoing of personnel, so room swaps are more common.

BY REQUEST: Iron, ironing board.

NO HOUSEKEEPING: If you are here for an extended stay, we can discuss housekeeping needs.

CHILDREN AND BABIES POLICY: Quincy Feather Bed Inn is regarded as a quiet escape and a peaceful get-away for our guests, and we work hard to foster that environment.

NO CHILDREN OR BABIES ALLOWED IN THE UPSTAIRS ROOMS. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 ALLOWED IN THE COTTAGES. Children over the age of 12, and infants are welcome in the cottages and must be under your supervision at all times.

SMOKING PROHIBITED: Quincy Feather Bed Inn is a NO SMOKING establishment. If we discover you smoking or vaping any substance, or evidence of smoking in your room or on the deck adjacent to your room, there is a minimum fine of $250. We prohibit storage of anything relating to smoking any substance on our premises, we ask that you leave it in your vehicle.  


NO CANDLES OR OPEN FLAME are allowed in rooms/cottages.

PETS PROHIBITED: We love pets and have two cats of our own, but because of the time and cost of cleaning up after a pet has visited, we simply can not afford (time and cost to clean) to have pets in our rooms/cottages. If we find you with a pet, or evidence of a pet in your room, there is a minimum fine of $250. Pets are not to be left in your car, in the parking lot, or on the street. If you show up with a pet, you will forfeit your reservation. We do not like pets left in the car overnight, we don't think it's fair to the pet, and barking can be an issue.

DO NOT ABUSE THE SERVICE ANIMAL REQUIREMENT. Do not bring your pet here and claim it's a service dog when it is not. You will not be welcomed. It is a disservice to those who truly need a service animal and is a serious abuse of terms.

SERVICE ANIMALS: A service animal as acknowledged by the American with Disabilities Act, is welcome to accompany their owner/handler to the Inn. Please inform us about your service animal upon the booking process. Emotional Support and Therapy dogs are not welcome at the Inn. We can supply you with names of local lodging providers that do support these other types of dogs.


(a) Any person who knowingly and fraudulently represents himself or herself, through verbal or written notice, to be the owner or trainer of any canine licensed as, to be qualified as, or identified as, a guide, signal, or service dog, as defined in subdivisions (d), (e), and (f) of Section 365.5 and paragraph (6) of subdivision (b) of Section 54.1 of the Civil Code, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months, by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment.

(b) As used in this section, “owner” means any person who owns a guide, signal, or service dog, or who is authorized by the owner to use the guide, signal, or service dog.

(Added by Stats. 1994, Ch. 1257, Sec. 12. Effective January 1, 1995.)

NO ROAD WORKERS: Our boutique linens can not handle the grime of our hard working visitors. There are more suitable lodging choices in Quincy for folks whose job it is to work hard and get dirty. Supervisors and crew bosses are welcome.

NO PCT HIKERS: We no longer welcome PCT hikers due to the damage caused to our linens and the time it takes to clean-up after their departure. Our boutique Inn does not recover quickly enough from these guests. Here are some local places that welcome PCT hikers: Quincy Courtyard Suites, Gold Pan Lodge and Ranchito Motel. Also during this Dixie fire, Sorrell Bobrink has opened her yard to hikers, phone 530-990-8540. Dana Hansen Galloway opens up her yard, located in Greenhorn, phone 530-616-1829. Also you can phone the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and ask for Cheryl Kolb for a reference.

ALL ROOMS & COTTAGES INCLUDE: Free high-speed internet, flat screen TV with premium satellite and music channels, complimentary tea and coffee, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator and hair dryer. Our coffee pots feature a special tray made specifically for these appliances. Cutlery is not included, as we have no kitchens in rooms. If you purchase food to go, be sure to grab cutlery and napkins offered at the point of purchase.


ADDITIONAL GUESTS in COTTAGES: $20.00 per additional guest, per night, above the double occupancy, + 9% TOT & 2% FRTMD. Not to exceed four guests in total. If you have not paid for the extra guest at time of booking online, you will be charged upon arrival. If you do not pay for extra guests prior to departure, your card will be charged per extra guest, per night to the card we have on file.

ADDITIONAL BEDS in COTTAGES: $20 per usage of additional bed per stay if booked as double occupancy +9% TOT & 2% FRTMD. The cost of cleaning due to new procedures to address Covid-19, we need to charge for the additional cost.


MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT TO BOOK: A minor unaccompanied by an adult seeking accommodations require a parent or guardian of the minor, or another responsible adult, to assume, in writing, full liability for any and all proper charges and other obligations incurred by the minor for accommodations, food and beverages, and other services provided by or through the innkeeper, as well as for any and all injuries or damage caused by the minor to any person or property. Reservations for a minor must phone and make arrangements with management. A deposit of $500 is required for anyone under the age of 21.

REFUND POLICY: If your request falls within the required amount of time, your money will be refunded in full, minus any applicable processing fees levied by merchant processor. 

All card issued refunds take several days to appear on your statement. Refunds are only issued per request, and requests must be made in writing, either email or mail. If you don’t receive a timely response, please phone us to follow-up with your request. Refunds, or partial refunds for any other circumstance are at the sole discretion of the management.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Keep your room/cottage locked after you check-in. We are not liable for lost or stolen items, although this is a very safe and quiet neighborhood.

ITEMS LEFT BEHIND: Be sure to search the room for chargers and other personal items. We simply do not have the resources and time to spend packaging and sending items back to previous guests. 


CONSERVE ENERGY: During the hot dry weather we are all being asked to conserve energy to avoid power grid shutdown. We ask you to do your part. Keep the air conditioning unit set to mid 70's. Take short showers because we are in a drought. Do as you would do at home to keep the costs down. 

POWER OUTAGES: Power outages are going to happen in California and Western United States. We do the best we can to make you comfortable during your stay. To check the power outage map, visit: https://psps.ss.pge.com/

AMENITIES: A small amount of Starbuck brand coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion are provided to get you started for one or two night's stay with us. You are expected to purchase your own if you require more than what we have supplied. There are lovely local coffee and bakery shops within walking distance that open early to satisfy the coffee connoisseurs. Rite Aid and Safeway are about five blocks away for toiletries and such.

AIR CONDITIONING: We ask that you TURN THE AIR CONDITIONER OFF when you leave the room. Air condition units are installed typically just prior to Memorial Day weekend and just after Labor Day weekend. If we get unusually hot weather prior to Memorial Day weekend, open the window in the early morning to trap the cool air and utilize the fan overhead. If it's too hot in your room during the winter, please open a window and refrain from using the air conditioner.

PHONES: There are no phones in rooms and cottages. Please bring a cell phone.  

BATHTUBS AND YOUR ABILITY TO USE THEM: Three rooms and one cottage have claw foot tubs/showers (Jennie's, Barrett's, Gladys and Hideaway Cottage). In these rooms you need to be able to use the supplied bath mats, lift your legs, and balance yourself to use these tubs. All of the tub units have plastic shower curtains that must be kept inside the tub while using the shower.

A NOTE ABOUT OUR TOILET PAPER: The Inn was built in 1893 and some of those old pipes below only eat single ply toilet paper. That is the ONLY thing allowed in the toilets.

NOT A B&B: Just a B. Quincy Feather Bed Inn DOES NOT SERVE FOOD. There are restaurants, bars, coffee shops all within a very short walking distance from the Inn.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Our code of conduct is respect for all. We do not tolerate behavior that is: unreasonably loud and disruptive, rude, hostile, belligerent, lewd, aggressive, discriminatory, bullying, harassing, or unreasonably demanding. If we, or a guest experiences such behavior, contact us so we may immediately address it. If the behavior is found to break our code of conduct, the offender will be asked to vacate the premises. Guests invited to vacate will not receive a refund.

NO (THIRD) PARTIES: We foster a quiet environment for our guests to relax and enjoy, therefore parties (gatherings) are not welcome, rooms/cottages are intended for guests of the Inn only with maximum occupancy of two guests per room, and maximum of four guests per cottage. We ask that children not gather in the upstairs rooms. If you have booked multiple rooms/cottages, please keep the children in the cottages and outdoor gathering spaces, and under supervision at all times.  

QUIET ZONE: 10:00 p.m.–6:00 a.m. We ask that you keep it down out of respect for other guests. Please keep in mind that if you are pacing the room or running a shower at 3:00 a.m., it is disruptive to other guests. We ask that you keep your showers/baths to normal waking hours if you occupy any of the upstairs rooms. Cottages are more suitable for those with odd hours.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: While reasonable wear and tear is anticipated, negligent damages found to be the responsibility of a guest will be assessed and charged to the guest. Please report all spills and/or damages to the innkeeper promptly.

ACCESSIBILITY: At Quincy Feather Bed Inn, we want everyone to be able to access our website, and to learn about our accommodations. Towards that end, we are working to improve the accessibility of our website, and comply with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. Please know that we are always happy to discuss our facilities, accommodations, and services by telephone or email, and any reservations that you wish to place can also be placed by telephone. If you have identified an accessibility issue that we have not yet addressed, please notify us at info@quincyfeatherbed.com with "Accessibility" in the subject line. 

Guest etiquette we admire: https://viewfinder.expedia.com/hotel-hacks-7-etiquette-rules-guests/